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  • Reeze 6:26 PM on May 20, 2011 Permalink
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    Medieval Party 2011 Cheats! 

    Hey guys, Reeze here! I have all of the CHEATS for the Medieval Party!!! Ye Knights Quest 3 is the BEST! Sadly, you don’t have to solve the puzzles of the other quests if you have from a previous year. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Ye Knights Quest III Walkthrough!

    First, enter the Quest. You will see three (3) goblets as shown. Memorize the places of the colored beads. They will swap places and at the end you must guess where one (1) of the beads is.

    Walk to the next room. You will see this helmet! Pick it up (obviously).

    This next puzzle is particularly hard. You must click the buttons to open the gate (hint: the first RED button opens the last wall).ย 

    The easiest way to complete this puzzle is : red, blue, yellow.

    Now, pick up this shield! It is VERY important!

    Note that in the three pictures, it shows you how to defeat the Hydra (yes, it is a Hydra and not a dragon!). The sneak peek said we would defeat Herbert in this party by throwing snowballs… Coincidence?

    Oh, gosh! That’s more menacing than I thought… Thank goodness only one head attacks you at a time. And guess what? I fought alongside TylorK1 (Henry515, and author) and SugarXXXXX (another blogger)!

    Red Head (rhymes!)- Throw snowballs at it and avoid the fire. Do it quickly, because it recharges!

    Blue Head- Time your snowballs perfectly. Aim at the gold-melting pot right when it is over the Blue Head. The melted gold should harm the enemy! This head also recharges.

    Yellow Head- This is where the shield comes in! Wear the shield and walk onto the yellow-highlighted sections of the floor. The electric beam should reflect and hurt the Yellow Head.

    Great! Now there’s a path!

    Be sure to pick up this suit of armor.

    Two penguins are better than one! Now I went back and taunted the Hydra. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ye Knights Quest II

    You probably have already completed this quest, so no puzzles need to be solved- BUT there is a new item to pick up!

    The Toothbrush Pin has returned, as well as the Piles of Gold.

    Ye Knights Questย 

    Same goes for this Quest. Pick up these items if you haven’t already.

    New Pin!

    Be sure to pick up the new pin in the Boiler Room!

    New Wizard Hat!

    Also check out the NEW Wizard Hat! It’s purple!

    This party has 11 items available for FREE!

    Sadly, the Magic Mirror only gives “maybe” answers. Probably because people were upset when it said mean things.

    The new knight costume has a special dance!

    Thanks for reading! Ask us if you need any more information or help.


    • Captain Chilli Pepper 1:05 PM on May 21, 2011 Permalink

      Haha, awesome guide Reeze! Hehe, Henry is in one of your pics! Sweet! Two Workers in one post! LOL

    • Reeze 7:26 PM on May 21, 2011 Permalink

      Thanks! Yeah, I noticed that Henry AND SugarXXXXX were on, and I was like, “Whoa! Triple blogger palooza!” Sadly, I didn’t find Sugar.

  • Reeze 2:25 PM on March 18, 2011 Permalink
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    Bean Counters: CANDY! 

    Hey everyone! Look at this GREAT new cheat! It’s basically a whole new game!

    1. Open your map.

    2. Go to the Town.

    3. Walk to the Coffee Shop.

    4. Walk over to Bean Counters.

    Move your mouse around on one of the little corners hanging off the bag the penguin is carrying. It will be in the bottom left corner. Move your mouse around until it forms a hand, and then click.

    5. Click the jelly beans.

    6. Choose “Hard”, “Expert”, or “Extreme.” (Choose HARD!!! The others will be SUPER hard!)

    The instructions seem very confusing, but you will get the hang of it.

    Basically, you want to catch all of the jelly bean bags. On the rainbow wheel in the background, one or two colors will be lit up. Whenever you catch on of those colors, walk to the left of the screen and click. If you catch a different color, then walk to the RIGHT side and click. Don’t carry too many at once. Watch out for flying objects. Try to catch as many power-ups as you can. Have fun!

    (A picture from gameplay.)


  • Reeze 9:12 AM on March 18, 2011 Permalink
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    Puffle Launch Level 28 

    It seems like EVERYONE needs help with Level 28, so here goes.

    First, you need to try to collect all of the O’ Berries from those first four boxes. Here’s how:

    The first box leads to the 3rd box, and vice versa.

    The second box leads to the fourth box, and vice versa.

    What you need to do is- Once you are at the first box, fly over to the 2nd box. Then you will come out the 4th box. Move the puffle from the 4th box over to the second. Keep doing this, and your puffle will be flying really high! Once they are super high, jump into the second box. Then, you will come out of the 4th. When you come out and are high, go to the box to the RIGHT of the 4th.

    Just keep moving right by “jumping boxes”. You will automatically be shot into the ring!

    Hope this helps!


    • woow50000 8:32 AM on March 21, 2011 Permalink

      I think you ment puffle launch level 28 because you mentioned boxes.

    • Reeze 8:41 PM on March 21, 2011 Permalink

      Thank you so much for correcting me!

    • Astronaut343 9:31 AM on March 24, 2011 Permalink

      Thanks im going to try it right now

    • albastrel6 1:41 PM on March 30, 2011 Permalink

      OH TANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reeze 9:45 AM on December 18, 2010 Permalink
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    Throw Coins Instead of Snowballs at The Lighthouse! 

    Hey guys! It’s Reeze, and I found out today that when you throw snowballs in the lighthouse, they turn into coins (luckily CP doesn’t have robbers XD)! Those are coins that I threw.

    There is also a new room connecting the Plaza and Town. It will soon hold a Gazebo and a fountain and notice board. The room is currently called “???” just like Sensei first was called! Tell us what you think.

    This room was pictured in The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin Expanded Edition!


  • Reeze 8:15 PM on October 28, 2010 Permalink
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    Halloween Cheats 2010 

    Hey guys! Sorry for all of the pictures, but those are all of the places for the candy hunt, and even some pictures from the member cave thing. This is (in my opinion) the best Halloween Party CP has ever done! The places for candy are: Iceburg, beacon, pizza parlor, gift shop, plaza, snow forts, beach, and ski lodge. (No particular order.)

    Waddle (or should I say Chilli) on!


    • Ghump Two 3:18 PM on November 2, 2010 Permalink

      Here’s another glitch I found!

      *If you own the Ghost Sheet, you can put it on, member or not! Since they gave away the Ghost Sheet as the free member item this year, I noticed this glitch as I searched through my penguin’s inventory!*

      Hope you all enjoy! :]

    • bookadventurer 5:33 PM on November 3, 2010 Permalink

      Great find! I think that’s a little wacky. Didn’t it used to be a member’s item? That means that members have been cheated for their coins. What do you think?

  • Reeze 6:04 PM on October 2, 2010 Permalink
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    Party a Success! 

    The 72,000 hits party was a complete success!


    ECXEPT for the fact that nobody who said they would come came. So…. None of us became buddies. At least the party still went on! We played Follow the Leader, Tag, Hide and Go Seek, and the Twin Game. We even tried to tip the iceberg! It was so much fun! Sorry if you missed it.

    What is this shadow?

    That’s it for now!


    • Pary Panguin 12:00 PM on October 3, 2010 Permalink

      aw man… I’m so sorry I didn’t come ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I turned out being pretty busy that day. Next time we have a party i’ll be sure to be there!

    • nms30 12:16 PM on October 3, 2010 Permalink

      reeze iam sorry i did not make it mabey next time ok

    • Kincaid7 4:57 PM on October 4, 2010 Permalink

      i looked at the authors and say that im one but i dont know how to post can someone tell me

  • Reeze 6:20 PM on September 28, 2010 Permalink
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    72,000 Hits Party! 

    Date: October 2nd
    Time: 2:00 Penguin Standard Time
    Server: Sub Zero
    Room: Iceberg

    Comment if you are coming! If you come, I will take a group photo and post it on the site. This party is open to ANYONE!

    ALSO: I will be meeting Mertillo and anyone else that wants to be in the Spicy Squad!

    Please come!

    • narutorule5 7:16 PM on September 28, 2010 Permalink

      yeah chili and bobcoffee i can’t come because at 12:00 (2:00 penguin time) im still in school i get out at 2:45 and come home at 3:30/3:00 sorry chili D:

    • Bobcoffee7 8:02 AM on September 29, 2010 Permalink

      sorry i have not been on i have been BUSY. i should be starting to get on more this week. I just needed a little break from posting. But Im going to start again. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • nms30 4:59 PM on September 29, 2010 Permalink

      ill be there man

    • bookadventurer 5:43 PM on September 29, 2010 Permalink

      October 2nd is a Saturday for me… Is it different for you? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Maybe sometime there will be another party.

    • bookadventurer 6:18 PM on September 30, 2010 Permalink

      I’m feeling a little uncomfortable being the only one posting

    • nms30 6:54 PM on September 30, 2010 Permalink

      reeze i am sorry but i still dont get the whole pic thing kincaid was supposed to help me but he does not log on here anymore

    • Kincaid7 11:23 PM on September 30, 2010 Permalink

      lol its ok i get off at school around 4:00 elementry i live in flordia

    • Pary Panguin 9:39 AM on October 1, 2010 Permalink

      I Will be there! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kincaid7 7:41 PM on October 1, 2010 Permalink

      when it starts you should make a post saying so

    • bookadventurer 7:51 PM on October 1, 2010 Permalink

      Okay. NMS, at the party I will take everyone’s individual pictures and everyone there can be buddies! I’ll send you your picture.

    • nms30 8:34 PM on October 1, 2010 Permalink

      take a pic of me and send it to me what for

    • Bobcoffee7 10:16 PM on October 1, 2010 Permalink

      Sorry for not posting. I am super busy. I will start again soon.

    • nms30 11:07 PM on October 1, 2010 Permalink

      hey bobcofee

    • Bobcoffee7 7:32 AM on October 2, 2010 Permalink

      sorry dude i cant come

    • bookadventurer 8:31 AM on October 2, 2010 Permalink

      @nms20: So you can have a different profile picture if you want since you don’t know how to take online computer pictures yet
      @Bobcoffee7: Cool! You’re back! ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe there will be another party.


    • bookadventurer 9:26 AM on October 2, 2010 Permalink

      What happens if you stay overnight on the Migrator?

    • nms30 11:25 AM on October 2, 2010 Permalink

      ok man thanks that would be cool could you teach me how to add people to the spicy squad and you should add me to it today

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