Hey everyone! Welcome to Reeze’s Store!

How this works is simple: you get 1 ReezeCoin per guest you get to subscribe to our site. Of course, they must prove they are interested!

1. Tell your friends about Chilli Pepper Penguins.

2. They must write one comment with 3 words why they enjoy the site and their e-mail, along with your username.

3. You BOTH get 1 ReezeCoin! Congratulations!

What Can I Buy With a ReezeCoin?

Member Penguin- 8 coins

Beta Penguin- 25 coins

1 month membership- 10 coins

6 month membership- 30 coins

This list will update and change over time. Prices may go up and down as demand increases and decreases.

You may NOT create multiple e-mails for an advantage.

This is in no way associated with Captain Chilli Pepper, so do not pester him with questions.