This website is called the Chilli Pepper Penguins blog. Otherwise known as: This site is for people who need help playing the game of Club Penguin. It provides Club Penguin cheats, no hacks at all, info, tips, guides, some glitches that may be found on Club Penguin, and especially no trackers or third party widgets.

Website to Viewer Interface

This is a safe and friendly website that keeps in mind the safety and privacy regulations of for viewers that look upon this site. That means, that when a viewer comments on this website, the only information that is collected is a e-mail. That information is never shared nor published or used. Also that  means Club Penguin’s Terms of Use are respected.

When a user comments, no personal information is asked for, and if for some reason, there is personal information found in the context of a comment that interferes with the good-being of that person, it is taken away.

This site has absolutely no agreements or connections to third parties. There are no advertisements on this website that I put up  on here to help me pay my bills. I will never have any of those “Sponsors.” However, since this website is under WordPress, WP may automatically, without my consent, place ads that help pay their bills under my posts. This happens rarely, and all the ads that are given are of G-Rating.

This site is very cool and unique due to the fact that I, myself, provide a unique twist not found on any other Club Penguin blog. That is making it based on a penguin who is very spicy all the time eating the food “chilli” and red/green chile peppers.

Another nice thing is that they’re other Club Penguin bloggers that are friends of mine on Club Penguin. We share the same purpose in blogging to help out people and have fun.

You can find these friends under the “Blogroll.”

Keeping fun in mind, there is the Spicy Squad! This can be found on the side of the page and this is very popular for the viewers of this site. Therefore, the only personal information that is collected, is that person’s Club Penguin Username.

For children who view this site that are of young age, it is respectfully stated that: “The parents of these viewers are always allowed to watch their children and this site all the time, being there when it comes to their child stating information in a comment form.”