The appointments that are asked/commented on this page are ones that I will follow. Any other appointments that are commented on other pages or posts will not be accepted. It is just easier for me.

February 2010

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22 23 24 25 26 27 I met Lucky, Naruto and Lolly! Posting soon 28

March 2010

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1 Minnow311,

(I didn’t see you Please comment another day)

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Above there is a calendar that points out the day, time, server and place I am meeting a certain penguin! Once you comment on this page, I automatically put you up on the day you request! Just wait though, it may take me a while to do. As of now the calendar isn’t very full, so get the best spot for you! I can meet up to 5 penguins each day, so if 5 penguins want to meet me on the 28, that is ok.

All you have to do is comment with your…

Penguin Name:



Time in PST;


Hopefully this page will make meeting spicy squad members easier!

Notice: Please don’t comment ridiculous appointments. For example don’t ask if I can meet you at the same time or day you comment on this site wanting to meet me, it’s just too soon. By the time I get your comment, I would have missed it anyway.



Bob comments on February 12, but he makes an appointment to meet me on February 16.

Spicy Squad joining experience:

1. I become your buddy!

2. We hang out on CP and I take photos! I see your igloo you see mine! We specifically go to the iceberg!

3. At the iceberg, I take your photo that goes up on the side of the page under the SPICY SQUAD!

4. After that, you will always be on my buddy list and I will hang out with you on CP all the time!

5. You should continue to comment on this site saying any ideas that you have or any compliments! You are a spicy penguin under the Chilli Pepper Penguins team! Some things you can do: tell me some glitches I may not know, tell me about new things on CP, ask me to make any cheat pages, etc.