Notice: The Spicy Squad used to be called the Chilli Pepper Penguins Crew!

The Spicy Squad is a great community on this website! It opened on August 29, 2008 with only 5 members! The first people to join in order were Berypuff/Tuffy95, Blueicee3333, Blackbeard76, Chilipanther, and Whaley5. If you look at the side of the page today, you can notice that these  5 penguins are not listed in order together because over time, I stopped listing penguins in ABC Order. As time goes on towards the bottom of the list, they are in no particular order. It’s Just penguins that most recently joined. However in the past, penguins that were listed on the spicy squad did not have pictures of their penguins, only their names. And were listed in ABC Order.  The design of the list has changed numerous times though with different colors, etc. And sadly even some penguins were taken off the squad list due to personal reasons.

Here is what the Spicy Squad used to look like.

(Notice the first image with a 2010 URL! It’s original 2008 URL contained the image with such poor quality that I had to clean it up a little bit and make a new URL for it!) Here is the first image of the crew below (not in ABC order but in order of joining)

Another list (IN ABC Order) Notice how I forgot Blackbeard76 and added him in the last minute! LOL! I wonder if Blackbeard remembers that. lol. This picture was also in bad quality with its 2008 URL that I had to give it a new 2010 URL.

Another old list of the crew in ABC Order.

Look at todays list and this list up here. Notice some penguins you don’t see on today’s squad?