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Reeze is a part-time parrot. -.-












You will have a “smashing” time 

Reeze does not want to dance 

Again with the dancing?! 

Bad Reeze. 

I don’t think so, Reeze. 

That’s not such a good idea -.- 


“You are here.” Yes, I know that… 

Click right? Umm… okay. 

The helmet doesn’t enjoy watching penguins fight the Hydra.

Pass the popcorn!

Luckily the Hydra can’t turn around.

Reeze doesn’t get why there is a floating message.

Club Penguin is about to get some nasty e-mails from Reeze.

Reeze, please don’t eat the ski lodge.

Reeze needs to find another way to get coins!

Scientists are about to be proved very wrong.

Reeze is not feeling very eco-friendly right now.

Umm.. Reeze? Last time you had a jetpack

Reeze has decided to be more like Sensei

Looks like Reeze is seasick before he even gets on the boat :/

When Santa’s workshop burned down last year, he had to make do with what was available.

Hey what happened to recycling??

Reeze is going to have to buy Club Penguin a new piano

Reeze learns his lesson about texting

Huh? Didn’t I just clean this up?

Reeze needs to take his job more seriously

Gary didn’t understand why his new “Save the Migrator” campaign would not work.

Obey your new king!

Reeze and the Reezeclones are too distracted to see that they are about to be… hmm… Well, squash.

Donate penguins to kids in need!

… Oven mitts?!…