Here is an exclusive piece of advice from Pary Panguin! We finally know how to get into older books now! Here is what he figured out:

“Hey Chilli, a long time ago I asked you how to get in to the earlyer treasure books right? Well I asked cp and the told me how! Ok, Well if you want to get in Do NOT buy a puffle cp toy! it will always bring you to the most current treasure book. Buy a cp penguin toy. But Look closely at the tag. It will say the series. If it is a penguin toy then it will unlock you into the treasure book of the same series it is! :-)”

Thanks Pary!

Chilli is here with all the Treasure Books available! You can view all the Treasure Books and their items and see all possible cheats!

These books automatically update, so once the Series 7 Treasure Book Comes out it will appear here!

Here are all the cheats for Series 1 Treasure Book:

Cheats for Series 2 Treasure Book:

Click radio to get the Football Penguin

Click small circle stone to get the gold Viking Helmet

Cheats for Treasure Book 3:

Click tree for Bumble Bee Penguin

Cheats for Treasure Book 4:

None πŸ˜›

Cheats for Treasure Book 5:

Click tree for Rocker Penguin

Click fish for the Fairy Penguin

Click snow for the Elf!

Cheats for Treasure Book 6

Click Cloud for Medieval Penguin!

Click the Dragon Hand for Dragon Penguin!

Once you unlock 5 codes, over and over again, under the same time in a row, you can receive the Ultimate Exclusives!

A Umbrella! A Fancy Dress! And a BETA T-SHIRT!

Series 7 Treasure Book Cheats

Click pot of gold to get Bunny Costume!

Click the lights for the Referee Equipment!

Click the Tree to get the Secret Agent Penguin Clothes!

Click the Spot on the Ground to get the Bumblebee Costume!

There is an exclusive page! I will recover the items soon!

Now for the non-hidden exclusive items featuring the Orange Puffle!

You can now get an Orange Puffle!