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Hello Penguins!

Here’s a guide for all 13 missions.


1. Talk to Aunt Arctic and see what she says. Then go to the Coffee Shop.

2. Tap the newspaper on the table and see what it says.

3. Notice the blue puffle and get the piece of paper from it.

4. Talk to the Coffee Shop worker behind the counter.

5. Head to the Snow Forts.

6. Click on the odd snowman, you will get another piece of paper.

7. Click and talk to the blue penguin. Once he asks you to get his hat click on your blue elite puffle.

8. With the blue puffle, aim your cursor at the Clock Tower’s target.

9. The blue penguin will talk to you. Pick up his hat and give it to him.

10. The penguin will thank you and give you Disguise glasses!

11. Enter the Plaza and tap the mail box. It will allow you to get another piece of paper which looks like a letter.

12. Enter the Dock and tap the pile of inner tubes. You will get another paper.

13. Put all your papers together so you can make a map.

14. Enter the Lighthouse. Click on the barrel. A penguin will pop out!

16. The mysterious penguin will give you a map. With the map, go to the Dojo.

17. Talk to Dot (the mysterious penguin) A message will pop up! Click yes! You have now finished the first mission.


1. Tap on Dot and talk to her. She will give you a puffle pin. Tap on the wall with the eight boards using the puffle pin.

2. A screen will pop up. Use the pin and spin it so it will fit the puffle on the bottom right.

3. Once that happens you will enter a room with a wall opening up to a screen with the Director on it. The Director will give your orders. (Leave the Director) Suddenly, a penguin will pop out with a red puffle!

6. He will talk to you and let you work with Blast. The red puffle.

7. Go over to the box. Aim your cursor from Blast to the box.

8. Once you break it, tap  on PH. You will receive a puffle whistle.

9. Enter the Ski Village and talk to Dot. Then enter the Sports Shop and talk to Dot once again.

10. Tap on the first curtain you see. You will be able to go to the HQ. Waddle to Dot and tap/talk to her.

11. Click on the big closet. Enter code: 3000

12. Tap on it and Dot will give you your orders. The Director will pop out. Tap the blue objects up. Tap/open your Inventory. Place the two objects together. You will make a Spy Gadget!

14. Go towards the left and notice a box. Use Blast the red puffle to open it!

15. You will see a telescope next to it. Tap the telescope and place into your Inventory. Next, place it inside of your Spy Gadget. You will unlock a new feature!

16. Move towards the screen then tap your Spt Gadget! If you select the image next to the HQ, and place it over to the screen, you will cause a window with a notepad towards the bottom and a code towards top to come up.

17. (Already Translating The Code For You) It will translate to: Red Blue Blue Red Red Blue.

18. Leave the window. Open the box. Enter the code Red Blue Blue Red Red Blue. After unlocking the box, you get a Satellite Dish!

19. Drag the Satellite Dish out of your Inventory. Place it on your Spy Gadget! Suddenly your Spy Phone will ring! Open up your Spy Gadget. Tap your phone. After that talk to Dot!

20. After Dot talks to you close your phone and pick up your call from the Director. Talk to the Director. You have finished Mission 2!


1. Tap/talk to Dot. Enter the Ski Lodge. Talk to the poor sick penguin. 😦

2. Enter the Pizza Parlor. Waddle inside towards the back. Select the soup that’s under the middle table. Enter the Ski Lodge.

3. Hand the soup to the poor sick penguin. 😦 The penguin will talk to you. You will receive a red snowboard from him. Open up your Inventory.  Open up your red suitcase. Allow your penguin to wear the red snowboard.

4. Enter the Ski Hill.  Talk/tap the penguin with the Blue Snowboard. Let him talk. Challenge him to a snowboard competition. Once you somehow get at least 400 coins you will win!

5. Become the winner and receive a trophy. Enter the Ski Lodge.  Hand the trophy to the poor sick penguin. 😦 You will be able to keep the Red Snowboard! 😀

6. Enter the Ski Hill. Play the snowboard game again.

7. You will see footprints to Rookie’s camp site. Let out Bouncer the blue puffle. Aim Bouncer at the campfire. You will put out the fire. Trace the footprints to the river.

8. Tap/talk to Rookie. Enter your Spy Gadget. CALL DOT. Dot will send a penguin to save you and Rookie. You will load up at the HQ.

9. Tap the Glasses. Then tap the Elite Penguin Force Badge. (EPF) Congratulations! You are now an EPF agent! You have now completed the 3rd Mission!


1. Talk to the Director. Take the file from the table.

2. Tap the file at your Inventory. Let Dot and the Jet Pack Dude see it.

3. Enter the Sports Shop. Hand the file to the worker. He will give you Gary’s Glasses!

4. Enter the HQ. Waddle to the Eye Scan 3000. Place Gary’s Glasses on you. Start the Eye Scan 3000!

5. Enter the Gadget Room. Waddle to the table. You will see a clock and a boom box on it. Tap/open the drawer. You will receive the Mechano-Duster. It will go in your Spy Gadget.

6. Enter the Ski Hill. Use the Mechano-Duster at the big pile of snow. Wipe the snow. You will receive a bent key.

7. Enter the Sports Shop.  Talk/tap to Dot. Open the door with the key. You have now completed Mission 4!


1. Talk/tap to PH. Enter the Town.

2. Talk/tap Aunt Arctic. Get the “Your a Terrific Friend” card from her.

3. Enter the Coffee Shop. Use the Mechano-Duster. Clean up the coffee beans. You will receive a pin Pen (Thanks Abva!) as your reward.

4. Put the pen and the card together. Give it to the Coffee Shop clerk.

5. Enter the Town again. Get Aunt Arctic’s signature. Enter the Snow Forts.

6. Hand the card to each penguin. Go to the Puffle Training Room.

7. Hand the card to Flare. He will glow. Tap Flare. Place the key on the anvil. The key will be welded. Get the key.

8. Enter the Sports Shop. Use the key to unlock Gary’s door. Go into his room.

9. I think I might have made a mistake, make sure you get four signatures from Aunt Arctic, Coffee Shop Worker, and Two Snowball Penguins.

9. Waddle to the globe.  Use your Decoder for the blue prints. You will see, “Super Power Flashlight.”

10. Waddle to the orange couch. Pick up the map.

11. Waddle to the table. Tap on the paper. Let the other agents know where your going. Go to the door and leave. You have now completed Mission 5!


1. Tap/talk to the penguin at the Mine Shack.

2. Tap the box of water by the entrance. Enter the door at the side of the Mine Shack.

3. Tap the wheel next to the door, spool of yarn, and the ground by the Lantern.

4. Place the wheels outside. Place them into the bucket. Call Flare. Make Flare weld them to the bucket.

5. Place the Cart in your Inventory. Waddle to the Mine.

6. Place the Cart on the track. Get prepared to surf some Mine Carts.

7. Once you do that, waddle to the upside-down cart. Tap it.

8. Find/pick-up the 3 yellow balloons and rope.

9. Knot the rope to the Cart. Call Blast. He will knock the boulder off the ledge.

10. Blow the balloons up. Do each one separately. Tie them to the Cart.

11. Once all are tied, the Cart will float up.

12. Take the Flashlight. Put it in your Spy Gadget.

13. Open up your Spy Gadget. Tap the light bulb. Face it to the dark tunnel. With the Flashlight, find Gary.

14. Call Blast. He will break the boards. You will be zapped to the HQ. You have now completed Mission 6!


1.  You will find PH sleeping in a floating bubble! Talk/tap to PH. He will ask you to find something pointy.

2. Waddle to the bamboo patch. Tap the lower patch. Pop PH out of the bubble.

3. Enter the Ice Rink. Talk/tap the penguin with the foam finger. He will tell you to score a goal against the Goalie  Penguin.

4. Call Bouncer. Throw 3 snowballs at the goalie. The third throw will succeed.

5. Pick up your call from PH. Go to the Puffle Training Room with Loop (as PH tells you to do).

6. Train with Loop. Aim Loop at the Jet Pack.

7.  Find Pop the purple puffle. Pop is at the Nightclub. You need to find fancy clothes to get inside 😛

8. Enter The Stage. Talk/tap the Stage Manager. Also tap the Construction Worker. Make Loop stop the drill.

9. Once the drill stops, the manager will allow you to pick a choice between a fancy suit or a fancy dress. Pick either one and put it on yourself.

10. Enter the Night Club. Get ready for a dance-off.

11. Play/win to get Pop.

12. A vibration will happen. Enter the Boiler Room. The boiler will be missing! :O

13. Call Pop. Make Pop lift the cabinet.

14. Get the can of oil. Waddle to the Mine. Talk/tap Dot. You will get zapped to the HQ. You have now finished Mission 7!


1. Talk/tap the Jet pack Dude. Tap the Jet pack that is near the launch ramp.


3. You will land at the Tallest Mountain. (In order to complete your puffle training)

4. Talk/tap PH. Train with Flit. Collect 3 gold rings with Flit.  (click on Flit, then the object)

5. Hand the 3 rings to PH. Train with Chirp.

6. Break the ice.  To do that, tap on Chirp and tap the object. It will break very small each time. Keep breaking it to break it completely.

7. Tap the box. Receive a hat like PH.

8. Tap the Grappling Hook. This is your final training.

9. Waddle to the Puffle Training Room. Call Pop. Make Pop lift the weight.

10. Let a snow globe pop up. Call Chirp. Make Chirp break the glass.

11. Call Flare. Make Flare melt the ice off the chest.

12. Call Bouncer. Make Bouncer cool the chest down.

13. Call Blast. Make Blast knock the Pinata down.

14.  Let the jack-in-a box pop up. Call Loop. Make Loop make it stop moving.

15. Tap the key. Unlock the chest. Call Flit. Make Flit get the note down. You have now completed Mission 8!


1. Let the Director talk to you. Enter Gary’s Room in the Sports Shop.

2. Let Gary talk to you. Enter the Coffee Shop.

3.  Notice Rookie talking to a clerk. Wait for them to stop talking. Talk to the clerk.

4. Tap the cocoa machine. Enter the Gadget Room.

5. Talk/tap to Gary. Place the cocoa machine on the Snow Trekker. Put the pieces together.

6. Tap your Spy Gadget. Tap the Trekker. Play Snow Trekker.

7. Once done, end up by the Cave. Enter the Cave. get the oil can.

8. Waddle to the exit.  You will get trapped! :O Call Pop. Make Pop lift the boulder up. Call Blast. Make Blast break the wood.

9. Waddle outside. The Trekker will be moved. Play the game again. End up at the Mine Shack.

10. Use the Mechano-Duster.  Clear the pile next to the penguin.

11. Find Gary’s gadget. Enter the Gadget Room. Hand Gary the gadget. Let him draw on the chalkboard. Enter the Command Room. You have now completed Mission 9!


1. Get your phone. Call Rookie. Enter the Plaza.

2. Call Flare. Make him weld the metal to the booth.

3. Waddle by the Pet Shop. Get the paper. Connect the dots.

4. Call Jet Pack Guy. Enter the Ice Pond behind the Ski Lodge.

5. Waddle there and talk to Jet Pack Guy. Play Ice Fishing. Get the Treasure Chest to win.

6. Once done, tap the book. Connect the dots.

7. Get your phone. Call Dot. Enter the Night Club. Get the clue from Dot. Connect the Dots.

8. Enter the Gadget Room. Give all the clues to Gary. Receive the machine that will be the final feature of your Spy Gadget. You have now finished Mission 10!

Mission 11: ROBOTOMY 101

1. Enter the Gift Shop. Call Pop. Make Pop lift the boxes.

2. Call Bouncer. Make Bouncer throw a snowball at the robot’s face.

3. Waddle to the roof. Make Bouncer throw another snowball at it’s face.

4. Call Flare. Make Flare weld the wheel.

5. Use the Robotomy Tool. Put it on his chest. Solve the 3 puzzles. (move the battery to the hole.)

6. Call Pop. Make Pop capture the robot. Take the robot to the Gadget Room.

7. Hand the robot to Gary. You have now finished Mission 11!


1. Call Blast. Make Blast knock the Robot down at the Ski Hill. Ride your Snowboard to get him.

2. Call Loop. Make Loop catch the robot. (when he’s not moving/falls)

3. Get the Robotomy Tool. Turn off the robot. (disable it)

4. Let the final robot pick it up. Jet Pack Dude will come in. Ask Jet Pack Dude to use his jet.

5. Waddle to the pile of objects, Get the gas can.  Play JET PACK ADVENTURE.

6. End up at the Tallest Mountain. Somehow get a bubble around the broken robot. BE CAREFUL. THE OTHER ROBOT WILL POP IT.

7. Call Flint. Make Flint knock the coffee bag on the robot’s head. Call Chirp. Make Chirp bother him.

8. Disable the robot. Place the robots in your Inventory. You have now completed Mission 12!


1. Pick up your communicator. Get zapped to the HQ.

2. Enter the Gadget Room. Look at the huge hole in the wall.

3.  Decide to play Snow Trekker. End up by a mountain. Go into the hole in the mountain. See a HUGE robot have all the puffles and Gary!

4. Enter the Gift Shop. Waddle to the roof.

5.  Get the Mechano-Duster.  Tickle the robot’s nose. Blast will fall all the way to the Town! :O

6. Enter the Town. See that Blast is okay. 😀 Enter the Dock.

7. Call Blast. Use Blast to knock the chest of the robot. Loop will be free! 😀

8. Enter the Ski Village. You will see that Rookie has a rubber duck. Call Loop. Make Loop tie the robot. Flare will come back. 😀

9. Enter the Beach. Call Flare. Make Flare weld his chest. Flit will be free. 😀

10. Enter the Lighthouse Beacon. Call Flit. Make Flit knock the anvil.

11. Bouncer will be free. 😀 Use the jet pack to get him.

12. End up on the Tallest Mountain. Call Bouncer. Make Bouncer throw a snowball at the engine. Chirp will be free. 😀

13. Call Chirp. Make Chirp hurt the robot’s chest. Pop will be free. 😀

14. Make Chirp Pop (Thanks AFRED!) blow a bubble to save Gary!

15. Disable the robot. You have completed all 13 Elite Penguin Force missions. GOOD JOB!

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