Play Find Four and walk around:

1. Log onto any sever you like

2. Play Find Four at the Ski Lodge

3. Open up your postcards.

4. Click anywhere to move.

**UPDATE** 1 Million Coin Glitch does not work anymore!

Walk and stop on pathways:

1. Go to the room that has the pathway that you want to sit or dance on

2. Walk along that pathway to the other room

3. Just Before you reach the end of the pathway open your postcards

4. Close your postcards and you will be there

**UPDATE** Entering Full Servers Glitch doesn’t work anymore!

**UPDATE** Changing Your Name Using Special Symbols Glitch does not work anymore!

Make your clothes flash:

1. Click the start button when you are logging in

2. Hold ENTER for any amount of time. (3 Seconds recommended)

3. Let go of ENTER and your clothes will flash!

**Update** Bean Counter’s Coin Glitch does not work anymore!

Your animation

1. Walk to the bean bag in the Coffee Shop like normal.

2. Before you step on the bag, press “Your Igloo” button.

3. You will be in your igloo with the message wanting you to play.

4. Play the game and follow the animation above!

For a more descriptive explanation click here.

5. Talking with the newspaper glitch.
Open up the newspaper.
Click on a message that allows you to send a joke, riddle, question, or tip to Aunt Arctic.
You do not have to write anything in the text box.
Press tab on your keyboard until your cursor reaches your chat bar.
Type in anything and press enter.
There you have it, you are talking with the newspaper!

How To Make Non-Members Enter The Member Santa Sleigh Room!

Glitch Courtesy of Pary Panguin! Thanks dude! In Pary’s words: Notice: he has a penguin named Chilli 6! Sweet!

“Go on your account and go to the lounge. Press the plus/minus button to turn the game to a diffrent mode (for some reason it helps get up the stairs more). And then touch the top of the stairs, right above the n in santa would be good. When that member sign comes up, press the X button to get out of it. You should now be at the top of the stairs and another x button comes up. X out of it again and then quickly run out! Cp should  think your running in and at the right point it might let you in! (It happened on my other account Chilli 6 for a while but when u try to play the game the membership sign comes up. and there you have it!

NOTE:This only happened on my one account Chilli 6 ( and to tell the truth I have five diffrent accounts lol) so good luck!”