Here are all of your best cheats for the games on Club Penguin! Comment if you have any to add.

Cart Surfer: Down, space; space, left. Corner: down, right/left. This is the best pattern for earning coins!

Thin Ice: 1. Complete a level fully to get a coin bag on the next level.                          2. At level 19, there will be a huge space on the right side filled with blocks. Move up and down the wall to find a secret opening! It will appear as if you are walking on the blocks. Go to the circle at the bottom and you can collect extra coin bags for each level you completed!

Astro Barrier: 1. Press 1, 2, or 3 to skip to level 10, 20, or 30 at the beginning.       2. Once you have completed level 10, wait for a minute until a blue ship appears. You will go to the secret levels!                                                                                                       3. One you have completed level 30, wait for a minute until a blue ship appears. WAIT! Shoot anywhere BUT the turret. You will go to the expert levels!

Paint by Letters: After you type each page, there will be a hidden coin on each page. You will have to perform a task to get it (ex. open the door and a coin will be there)!

Jetpack Adventure: Everyone knows the rumor- if you complete the whole game, you will get 1,000 coins! It is VERY hard, though. If you want to do this, do not bring along your green puffle, for it will get coins automatically.

Catchin’ Waves: Get 20,000 coins in Survival mode to see a rare shark!

Pizzatron 3000: At the main menu, click the lever to do a special “Candy Pizza”! 🙂

Puffle Rescue: On the first level of the ocean section, wait until a squid comes. Follow it and use its air bubbles to stay afloat. When you get to the end, there will be a secret jackpot with a key and lots of coins!

Aqua Grabber: Wait for a while to see a squid!

This is only a FEW of the cheats! Come back in a few days for an extended list!