Update: At the moment as of 8/8/10 I do not have my own custom CSS stylesheet on the site.

Hello Penguins! This is a special page. šŸ˜›

For the guarantee that Chilli’s creative website design skills are visible on your computer and browser, Chilli has made sure his CSS is the best.

This site’s CSS has been rewarded as 100% Verified. It is approved by W3C CSS.

The CSS on this website is safe and is verified under CSS 2.1.

I’m glad to have taken the time to make sure all of Chilli’s CSS Info is safe for his visitors.

The page that should be directed under the widget above is not there. That is the page that holds the record of Chilli’s valid CSS.

I decided not to show it because Chilli finds it as personal information.

It holds a special CSS code (not the main CSS code for this site) and if that was given out, Plagiarism may occur. That would not be a good thing because Chilli’s work would be at risk. (Thank goodness this site is copyrighted.)