Hello Penguins.

Once again I am promoting penguincity.com:

So, I’d like you guys to check out the new widgets on the side of the page. Hopefully, this way, more people will join, and I can add a few friends once http://penguincity.com unlocks their doors!

Below that, are two other widgets that direct you to the Penguin Diner games (the original and #2). These games are epic! I play them everyday now! It’s very addicting and entertaining! You guys should give them a spin! If you like those two games, penguincity.com is making an online penguin universe where you can exclusively play Penguin Diner 3, (YES, Penguin Diner 3!! The only place you can play the newest version of Penguin Diner) own an igloo, add friends, waddle around, and participate in other role-based games (like a tailor, construction worker, fireman, and so much more!)

I strongly recommend you guys check it out! It appears it’s going to be a game similar to Club Penguin, with a bunch of members benefits, but absolutely FREE! Do not miss the opportunity! Comment on this post if you are going to join/joined/interested. I’d like to know! 😀