Exclusive Future Halloween Items!

Sweet! With the help from a friend from http://lordmaster96.blogspot.com/, I was able to find some awesome new unreleased items.


  • Glowing Pumpkin Head (anyone)- free
  • Zebra Tails (members)- free
  • Armored Viking Helmet (members)- free
  • The Nocturnal (all players, free)- free
  • Nutcracker Hat (members, free)- free
Face Items
  • Viking Beard (members, free)- free
  • Grim Glasses (members, free)- free
Body Items
  • Elephant Costume (members)- free
  • Jolly Roger Dress (members)- free
  • Freaky Tiki Outfit (members)- free
  • Vking Captain Tunic (members)- free
  • Classy Vampire Outfit (members)- free
  • Present Outfit (members)- free
  • Holiday Lights (members)- free
  • Nutcracker Outfit (members)- free
  • Scarlet Admiral Coat (anyone)- free
Hand Items
  • Monster Muzak (anyone)- 75 coins
  • Striped Pompoms (members)- free
  • Freaky Tiki Staff (members)- free
  • Candy Ghost¬†Background (members)- free

Wow! There are a lot of free items that will be available at the party! Awesome!

Stay tuned.