Medieval Party 2011 Cheats!

Hey guys, Reeze here! I have all of the CHEATS for the Medieval Party!!! Ye Knights Quest 3 is the BEST! Sadly, you don’t have to solve the puzzles of the other quests if you have from a previous year. 😦

Ye Knights Quest III Walkthrough!

First, enter the Quest. You will see three (3) goblets as shown. Memorize the places of the colored beads. They will swap places and at the end you must guess where one (1) of the beads is.

Walk to the next room. You will see this helmet! Pick it up (obviously).

This next puzzle is particularly hard. You must click the buttons to open the gate (hint: the first RED button opens the last wall). 

The easiest way to complete this puzzle is : red, blue, yellow.

Now, pick up this shield! It is VERY important!

Note that in the three pictures, it shows you how to defeat the Hydra (yes, it is a Hydra and not a dragon!). The sneak peek said we would defeat Herbert in this party by throwing snowballs… Coincidence?

Oh, gosh! That’s more menacing than I thought… Thank goodness only one head attacks you at a time. And guess what? I fought alongside TylorK1 (Henry515, and author) and SugarXXXXX (another blogger)!

Red Head (rhymes!)- Throw snowballs at it and avoid the fire. Do it quickly, because it recharges!

Blue Head- Time your snowballs perfectly. Aim at the gold-melting pot right when it is over the Blue Head. The melted gold should harm the enemy! This head also recharges.

Yellow Head- This is where the shield comes in! Wear the shield and walk onto the yellow-highlighted sections of the floor. The electric beam should reflect and hurt the Yellow Head.

Great! Now there’s a path!

Be sure to pick up this suit of armor.

Two penguins are better than one! Now I went back and taunted the Hydra. 🙂

Ye Knights Quest II

You probably have already completed this quest, so no puzzles need to be solved- BUT there is a new item to pick up!

The Toothbrush Pin has returned, as well as the Piles of Gold.

Ye Knights Quest 

Same goes for this Quest. Pick up these items if you haven’t already.

New Pin!

Be sure to pick up the new pin in the Boiler Room!

New Wizard Hat!

Also check out the NEW Wizard Hat! It’s purple!

This party has 11 items available for FREE!

Sadly, the Magic Mirror only gives “maybe” answers. Probably because people were upset when it said mean things.

The new knight costume has a special dance!

Thanks for reading! Ask us if you need any more information or help.