2011 Club Penguin Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Hello Penguins! I’m really sorry that the blog has been inactive for a while. We haven’t wrote in a very, very, long time. I am assuming all of the writers here have been very busy. (Because I was, haha, life has been very challenging lately) But still, that shouldn’t be an excuse, I should be writing more often, and for my authors, I applaud you guys. You have been working very hard, especially you, Reeze 🙂 Thanks for updating the blog, when I wasn’t. (*sniff*) Well, you see, I feel really REALLY bad, for not posting, so I’m gonna surprise you guys this week, I’m going to post something pretty cool on the blog, so stay tuned!

But anyways, for now, let’s enjoy this year’s Easter Egg Scavenger hunt!

Here are the locations:

1. Dojo

2. Forest

3. Ski Hill

4. Outside of the Mine (Entrance)

5. Lodge Attic

6. Pool

7. Dock

8. Throw Snowballs at the Snow Machine at the Snow Forts, and then pick up egg that pops up 🙂

Once you find all the eggs, claim your prize!

You will receive the Safari Park Background! It’s pretty cool!

Closer Look:

I hope you guys enjoy!