Puffle Launch Level 28

It seems like EVERYONE needs help with Level 28, so here goes.

First, you need to try to collect all of the O’ Berries from those first four boxes. Here’s how:

The first box leads to the 3rd box, and vice versa.

The second box leads to the fourth box, and vice versa.

What you need to do is- Once you are at the first box, fly over to the 2nd box. Then you will come out the 4th box. Move the puffle from the 4th box over to the second. Keep doing this, and your puffle will be flying really high! Once they are super high, jump into the second box. Then, you will come out of the 4th. When you come out and are high, go to the box to the RIGHT of the 4th.

Just keep moving right by “jumping boxes”. You will automatically be shot into the ring!

Hope this helps!