Bean Counters: CANDY!

Hey everyone! Look at this GREAT new cheat! It’s basically a whole new game!

1. Open your map.

2. Go to the Town.

3. Walk to the Coffee Shop.

4. Walk over to Bean Counters.

Move your mouse around on one of the little corners hanging off the bag the penguin is carrying. It will be in the bottom left corner. Move your mouse around until it forms a hand, and then click.

5. Click the jelly beans.

6. Choose “Hard”, “Expert”, or “Extreme.” (Choose HARD!!! The others will be SUPER hard!)

The instructions seem very confusing, but you will get the hang of it.

Basically, you want to catch all of the jelly bean bags. On the rainbow wheel in the background, one or two colors will be lit up. Whenever you catch on of those colors, walk to the left of the screen and click. If you catch a different color, then walk to the RIGHT side and click. Don’t carry too many at once. Watch out for flying objects. Try to catch as many power-ups as you can. Have fun!

(A picture from gameplay.)