New Puffle Updates 2011!!

I am so excited! There are a TON of new puffle updates!!!

First, the Pet Shop has been completely remodeled! I LOVE it!

The new game, Puffle Launch, will be launched (no pun intended) on March 15.

Look at the new adoption center!

You can take a neat quiz! When you move your mouse over a puffle, information about it is shown on the clipboard. This is so cool! Each time you log on, the puffles even switch order.

This is the puffle furniture catalog. It is so cool!

Here is one secret (above). Below is a page- you now must BUY your puffle’s special toys! Also, there is another secret (shown below). Lol I know that it looks like the puffles have laser vision XD!

Click on this, too, to find more secret furniture.

Also, you can buy more food. Currently there is a glitch that makes your computer freeze if you buy Puffle O’s, so wait for a few days before trying (I learned the hard way).

Here’s the new puffle player card. It’s really cool! You can feed them, play with them, and care for them. You can even see a handbook, an adoption certificate, and another button with an “X” over a puffle. I don’t want to click it because I think it will make my puffle run away :P.

An adoption certificate.