Chilli Gets a Brown Puffle! 

Hello Guys! What’s up? How is it going? Just wanted to share a cool thing with you…

Thanks to my worker’s Wilderness Expedition guides, I was able to get my brown puffle!

Thanks! Your posts really helped me out! I was throwing snowballs for no reason ’til I realized I had to click on things, LOL

Well, anyways, here is my brown puffle!

Notice his name, “Sichuan.” Quite unique isn’t it? Well Sichuan is the name of an Asian pepper! Sichuan peppers happen to be the only brown peppers out there! So I thought this would be a nice name for my brown puffle. He represents the brown Sichuan pepper! By the way, all of my puffles are named after peppers! Heehee!

Keep posting guys! Great job! I’ll be back soon with some website news…. ‘Til then, Remember to eat That Chilli!