New Club Penguin Glitch- Paper Background!

Hey penguins, Double Mvp here. Today I was fooling around in the wilderness when I stumbled upon a cool glitch! This glitch makes the screen turn into a giant piece of a paper, as seen behind your igloo when editing it. Check it out:

Here’s how to see the paper background glitch:

1. Open your map and click on the Dock.
2. Enter the Wilderness.
3. Travel through any random path. Right before you are transported to the next room, click on your igloo.
4. Your screen should look like the one above!
Please note: It is difficult to actually make this glitch work. You have to time your click perfectly in order to see this. Were you able to see this glitch? I’ve been able to see it three times. Leave a comment and let me know.

-Double Mvp