Club Penguin Wilderness Expedition ULTIMATE Guide!

Hey penguins, Double Mvp here. Today, the highly anticipated Wilderness Expedition was launched. This is a fun event that has many cool features, well decorated exclusive room, and some epic free items! So without further adu, here is the Wilderness Expedition Ultimate Guide!

Start Your Adventure!
Okay explorers, are you ready? Head down to the Dock to begin your adventure!

Free Item
Before you head into the wilderness, be sure to grab a Wilderness Hat.

In the snow is a piece of paper. Click on it, and a message will appear telling you to follow the machine parts. During your journey, be sure to look for any machine parts and head in that direction!

Next, you will be in the wilderness, surrounded by a bunch of tall trees. Follow the machine parts you see to get going on the right track.
Path 1
Path 2
Path 3
Path 4
Path 5
Path 6- Final Path!
Once you complete your expedition, you will arrive at a cliff! This part is a little tricky if you don’t know what to do. The objective off this is to power up the machine. The process is very long. Follow these steps to successfully power up the machine:

1. Plug in the plug.
2. Click the coffee beans to grind them.
3. Click on the cofee dispenser.
4. Click on the coffee.
5. Push the green button.
6. Pull down the pink and green switches.
7. Push the yellow, pink, blue, and pruple buttons.
8. Pull the blue lever.
9. Click on the piano keys that flash green.
10. Press the green button.
11. Press all of the green squares.
12. Pull the pink, then blue lever.
13. Turn the wheel/nob thing.
14. Pull the red chain.
15. Click the hot sauce bottle.
16. Click the water tank.
17. Click on the vent.
18. Click on the toaster.
19. A target will appear. Throw a snowball at it.
20. The barrel will rise… walk on it.

You will be transported to the coast of this mysterious place. You can buy a Life Jacket for a mere 50 coins if you’re a member.
Building The Ship!
If you are a member penguin, you will be able to sail somewhere on a boat! But first, you have to assemble it. Place all of the pieces of the boat exactly how mine is below… good luck! Note: You need to buy a life jacket in order to sail on the boat!

This wraps up your Wilderness Expedition! I hope you enjoyed as much as I did. What was your favorite part about this amazing journey? Leave a comment and let me know.

-Double Mvp