All About the New Brown Puffle!

Hey guys! Reeze here. Once you have completed the guide below for the Wilderness Expedition, you should come to a large room.

Click on the note. It’s in the top left corner.

This should pop up.

Click the bottom to adopt a FREE Brown Puffle!!!!!!!! As you see I have already adopted one.

These are very cute and unique puffle! I have wanted a smart puffle for so long!

Here’s what they look like when you dance.


Attitude: Kind, loving, helpful, VERY smart, independent

Favorite Toy: Plasma ball, rocket ship

Food: Very messy eater

Gum: Slowly blows a bubble, but it pops

Cookie: Uses ray gun to enlarge cookie

Sleep: Dreams of science and math after having trouble falling asleep

Bath: A science-y bath tub fills with water. Puffle gets in and uses a periscope to look out

Puffle Pics

Here are some great pictures of the Brown Puffle!

Awesome! Next year, there will be a Magenta Puffle!