Is Herbert the GOOD GUY?! 

Hey guys! This is Reeze- I just discovered something! Look at this:

yerm said

i always hated how people say that that “certain polar bear” is the greatest threat ever. in reality he helped save club penguin. without him the EPF wouldn’t be where it is today. on top of it, if it weren’t for him, our new enemy would have already taken over. the biggest threat ever would have to be the robot invasion in the EPF nintendo ds game.

January 5, 2011 8:26 PM
Billybob saidYou might be on to something, Yerm…

Whoa… What if the robots attack again, and we have to join forces with Herbert? It DOES sound Disney-ish… That means Herbert could be the good guy now! And the signals are still coming from an “unknown” location- so does that mean that Herbert is NOT sending the signals for our Field-Ops?