New Year Party On Club Penguin!

Hey Everyone!

Note : The party is over, thank you for coming!

It’s party time! Yes,we are going to celebrate New Year together on Club Penguin! Unfortunately, we couldn’t do the party during Christmas time, but we will do it on New Year, to welcome the new year! There are going to be prizes as well! Here is the party invite :

If you can’t read it, here are the party details :

~Where? Fjord, Dock!

~When? January 2nd, 12AM P.S.T.

As you can see, we decided to combine parties with our great friend, Chilli2! Check his site , you will see the party details there as well!

*REALLY IMPORTANT* ~ We are going to give some prizes to lucky winners! The 1st place winner will win a 1 month membership and the 2nd. place winner will win a Card Jitsu Water Code! To win, you have to comment below with your penguin’s name and e-mail ( this is extremely important, without an e-mail you wont recieve your prize) and you have to come to the party. Be cheerful, active and we will notice you! Sugarxxxxx, Henry515 ( Tylor K1 ), Chilli2 and the Chilli Pepper Penguins will add some penguins during the party! After the party, we will choose 5 participants ( 2 members and 3 non- members, to make it fair) and will open a poll for 48 hours! The person with the most votes will win the membership, whereas the second place will win the Card Jitsu Water code. The poll will be opened on both sites ( on both and ) then after 48 hours he will calculate and will accumulate votes from both sites!

This is it, please comment below if you are coming!

I really hope you can make it and don’t forget to tell your friends about it! Also, if you want to be updated during the party, be sure to follow Henry515 on twitter!