2011 Calendar Revealed *EXLUSIVE!*

Hey guys!!! This is Reeze, and I have some AWESOME news! I found out the WHOLE 2011 schedule for CP!

January: EPF System Defender. I wonder what this is?

Brown Puffle Sightings!

Expedition Party

Club Penguin on the iPhone!!!

“Parent Po Beta Test” Hmm…

EPF Strategy Class (There will be EPF Classes now!)

February: Puffle Party and “Puffle Shower”

“Puffle Collision Course”

Pizzatron Stamps!


HUB (whatever this is)

Puffle Launch

St Patrick’s Day? (they took my suggestion!!! YAY!)

iPhone phase 1b

Treasure Hunt Stamps (RH is coming!)

EPF Stealth Class (fun!)


April Fools Party

Earth Day Party

Easter Party (wow they did listen to my e-mail!)

Online Gifting

New “CP Magazine”

Ice Fishing Stamps


Medieval Party

“Big-EPF” Launch


Blackout- 2 Weeks

Adventure Party

Igloo Contest

iPhone- Phase 2- Puffle


Board Game?

EPF Deck?

This is all the information we have so far! CP has not decided what to do for the rest of the year.

So cool, right?!

I hope you like it!