Merry Christmas from Chilli Pepper Penguins!

What’s Up Everyone?

Chilli, Captain of the Chilli Pepper Penguins, speaking here… I just wanted to take a break from celebrating my Christmas holiday, to share a nice message to all.

“Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!”

Anyways, how is everyone’s Christmas doing so far? How does your Christmas tree look like? What presents did you get? Did you give “Santa” any cookies or milk, or any kind of special snack? Any interesting stories or events happen so far? Eat anything delicious?

Well as for me so far, some of the presents I got were a new shiny silver mirror chrome iPhone case with a shiny mirror protective cover, a bunch of Club Penguin plush toys with codes!, 2 Club Penguin books, and most importantly…

Note: The WordPress Upgrades Chilli listed below are possible things he may be purchasing… There’s a chance he will not be able to purchase or get all of the things he listed. Maybe just some of them:

WORDPRESS upgrades! (Upgrading to the site later today) CSS is coming back, more space for uploading files, audio upgrade maybe?… Plus I might make me a Youtube channel for this site, so I can place the videos I upload there to this site for free! Yeah free, lol. WordPress let’s you stream Youtube videos for free on your wordpress site. I was going to get the WordPress VideoPress Movie Upgrade again, but it costs a lot of money every year! Oh and this site might be changed to! How cool! But if for some reason I don’t get the Youtube (which I will tell you if I don’t) I will purchase the WordPress VideoPress Upgrade!

Oh, and I’ll update my present list I listed above later today too because I am going to get more presents from my grandmom at her house later today! Possibly more Club Penguin stuff I hope?

Well, tell me how your holiday is doing so far! I’d love to hear! Comment below!