Club Penguin Field Ops #28 Cheats

Hi Everyone!

A brand new Field Op got out today on Club Penguin! It is Field Op #28 and I made an easy guide that will help you completing it!

  • First login to Club Penguin and click on your red EPF phone, and click ” Go There ” to go to the EPF Command Room.

  • Waddle over the big screen at the EPF Command room and accept the weekly mission.

  • Now, go to the Nightclub and waddle over the Green Puffle’s speakers. Your EPF Phone should turn green.

  • You have to solve an easy mini game, lead your bot to the corrupted systems. You can only send 5 sets of commands.

  • After successfully completing the Field-Op, you should recieve a medal and a Thank-You message from the EPF Team! Cool huh? This was all, share your opinion with us!

~Henry515 A.K.A. Tylor K1