Club Penguin Error/Typo!

Hey penguins! Reeze here- I’ve been trying to post this for a while but I have never had time- I found this glitch a few weeks ago in The Ultimate Guide to  Club Penguin. It turns out that they made a mistake!  They misspelled “Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal.” They spelled it “Shadow Guy and Gamma GIRL.” Wouldn’t CP notice this? Probably not. You can actually find a lot of secrets by looking at the URLs of new membership pages and advertisements. This shows CP is not very good at editing!

You might be wondering how I noticed this typo- I’m from a place where we use a lot of slang like “Howdy” and “y’all” (guessed it?)- it sticks out to me like a Jeep in a lot full of Fords (lol I just wanted to say that :P).


So, that’s it.