clubpenguin Future update? and tricks tips and secrets

(before you read this let me tell you that you dont have to read the whole thing and you can skip parts if you want like the jokes) hello penguins i got 2 clubpenguin books today (The AWESOME OFFICIAL guide to CLUBPENGUIN EXPANDED EDITION and the great puffle switch great book! if you want any codes for the books say which book you want the code for and what was the question like line blah blah word 2 or something and i’ll answer that) and on the awesome official guide to cp on page 18 it shows some werid new room thats never been seen before and it leads to the town and some other place on the right and left (on the right theirs a new looking shop thats purple but you cant see the full thing because of a word box with words covers it and the letters show IE on it it also says coming soon the next time you log on clubpenguin random words Notice board!!! find out which penguins are throwing igloo parties or looking for band members for example tour guide booth: explains what it does and where it is then it says FISH FOUNTAIN?!! this cool NEW addition to the island will spout water out of a golden fish’s mouth werid stuff so apprently on the page these things might be coming in the futuare a notice board a fish fountain a new room (mabey more) and a werid new place with some shop that is purple and has in big letter IE at the end werid… and heres some things you might not know
In bean counters the falling items fall in these places the anvil always falls close to the truck the fish falls close to the platform OR in the middle (the place to the left where you put the bags) and the flowerpot falls in the middle i never knew this (random joke in the books will be told what did one book say to another? i just wanted to see if we were on the same page!) (where do princesses go to dance? the knight club of course!) cool facts about candance her favorite fashion accessory is her smile she cant live without music her nicknames are dance machine and mix master in fact she even calls herself that sometimes she is also known as DJ K Dance she loves to wear bright colors her favorite items are her green headphones and boom box hey favorite types of music are funk, techno, and classical parting words i’ll see you on the dance floor occupation she is a DJ, musician, artist, dancer, choreographer, and all-around awesome penguin (where do penguins go to dance? the snow ball!) (what type of music are balloons afraid of? pop music!) (BTW got to page 40 when i started this post and once i got to talking about page 40 and i talked about all the pages lower than that ive been reading so im basicly reading this while typing the new things i read) (what the the penguin say when she finished shopping? put it on my bill!) oh this is a first on page 52 Cheak it out: need coins to buy that awesome outfit you’ve got your eye on? Play PUFFLE ROUND UP to achieve top coin payouts! thats what i use to do to get lots of coins! i thought i was the only one i got 20,000 coins well that wasen’t the exact number i dont know the numbers of the zeros but i know i got more than 20,000 coins i use to play puffle roundup for coins but now i play cart surfer but puffle round up is a good way to earn coins and its fast but i play cart surfer now because you earn more money each round with x2 coin bonus ( why wouldn’t the crab share his toys? because he was shellfish!) (what are white, furry, and have wheels on their paws? roller bears!) (what kind of pet is the loudest? a trum-pet!) ok this is getting so long so im just going to post this and post diffrent posts for the diffrent things like one for jokes and one for tips and il just name the post part 2 of future updates and tips tricks and secrets because i have to go to my sisters consert remember if you want to know a coin code/book code?/answer to what word in which book is at line something page something and paragraph something and word something