tips for earning coins and unlimated item glitch/cloning glitch

ok so on cp heres a fast way to earn coins get every single stamp for cart surfer the play it and do the pattern down space,space left or right and then up and turn when you come to turns then crash the first time once you get more than 1000 points crash again at 2500 and then crash when you get close to 3000 and then crash at 3500 i forgot do you get 4 lifes or 3 if 3 then dont crash when you get close to 3000 crash around 3500 then you should get around 500-more than 700 coins also heres a unlimated item glitch on cp first of all this glitch only works on internet explorer i tryed google chrome and it didnt work  so im not sure if internet explorer is the ONLY one that it works on but for all i know it is so basicly go to internet explorer then log on to clubpenguin go to your igloo then take out a item you want to clone make sure you only have 1 of that item or that if you have like 3 of that item (like 3 lamps) take them all out then you want to click and hold on the item and drag your mouse to the save button than you want to right click on it again and again until it says save (or until that yellow box that comes up which says save and your  mouse is a pointer finger the one where it would turn into when you go over something you can click) and then once you right click and that yellow box that says save comes up (note that after all of the time that you are right clicking you are still holding the left click down)then you want to now right click while still holding down the left click but you want to right click somewhere else other than the save button like in your igloo and then once it saves the igloo and your still holding the item you want to drag it off the screen to where the mini box appers and you can put it back in your storge box then let go and watch it go into the ivisable storge box then leave your igloo and come back the item is still in your igloo go to your storge box and now you have another item now you want to take that out (and if you cloned one but you have like 3 of that item in your invortory plus the cloned one then you take all of them out) then save your igloo and then log off and log back on and all of the item plus the clone should still be their now go to your storge box again and it says 1- but you can click the item 😀 and then you have unlimated admounts of that item click it put another in your igloo and then cheak it again and it says 2- and each time you put another in it counts up higher and higher and your done this hels to spend less money on buying 5 chrismas lights for your igloo and you only have to buy one causeing you to spend less money hope i helped eat that chilli bye

hope you understand everything i just said…