Club Penguin December 2010 Penguin Style Cheats and Hidden Items

Hello Penguins!

Club Penguin released the new December 2010 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog! It is pretty awesome!

Check out these cheats:

1. Click on the “F” and get the Blue Fuzzy Hat!

2. Click on the blue light and get the Puffle Pullover

3. Click on the beak to get the scarf

4. Click ghost face to get Crook and Flail

5. Click green leaf to get Gingerbread Costume

6. Click tree top to get blue striped scarf

7. Click tree top to get blue earmuffs

8. Click fish to get Viking Helmet

Viking Helmet (Close out and repeat 4 times to get Blue Viking!)

10. Click the green ornament to get the Snowboard Boots

11. Click the arm to get the striped scarf

Striped Scarf

Check out these new backgrounds!

That’s all for now! Tell me if I forgot any cheats. Thanks!