Club Penguin Pay Day Today December 1st! Plus an Exclusive Rockhopper Postcard from Club Penguin!

Hello Penguins!

Just wanted to say Happy Holidays!

Did you guys notice this today? Today it is the first of a new month, so penguins will get paid for being a tour guide today.

The weird thing is, I also got this exclusive card from Club Penguin! It appears to be from someone named ‘sys.’ How can this be? On Club Penguin, penguins cannot have their name start with a lower case letter. D:

I’m guessing this is a glitch from CP? You can only get this card when Rockhopper is visiting the island. But now he currently is not. Since ‘sys’ obviously can’t be a penguin, does this stand for ‘Club Penguin System?’

Any ideas on this? Comment and let me know. The site is doing very well by the way! Should we have an 80,000 hits party?