Card-jitsu water tips and tricks

Hello penguins i have some tips and tricks im going to be talking about this post starts now (P.S. sorry for the super long post i hope its worth reading or that you read it all there was just so much things to say this is one of the biggest post ive ever made or seen so ya sorry 😦 enjoy 🙂 ) : yay guess what i got a 36 gong streak in card jitsu water no joke!i think this is the scoring for earning your water mask 4th place 0 3rd place 0 2nd place 0 first place 2 gong i think its 3 points if all three players are in the game when you hit the gong and 2 points if 2 players are in the game when you hit the gong and one point if you only wipeout 1 player i think im pretty sure im wrong if all players lost the game and then you get to the gong with no players in the game then you get 3 points I dont know theirs a possableilty that none of the stuff i just said is true and realy it just judges you on time and jumps but im not sure im going to google serch the answer Be right back with the true point scoring (a few secounds later after google serching…..)ok so i couldnt find the information but ya anyway heres some tips on playing card jitsu water first practice alot nonstop (by practice i dont mean on the mats i mean on the earn your ninja suit mode) and then you should get better you have to focus on the game and also play alot dont take any breaks not even if its just standing in the dojo for one minute because if you do that it will screw you up and you wont be doing as good happend to me a few times try this tip to focus more easy act like its call of duty (i dont even have the game and i suck at it and not realy interested in it and i dont think that is sucks its a good game but realy i dont have nothing to do with it i played it on my uncle who is 21 xbox 360 a long time ago when his mom kicked him out of her house and he had no where to go so he stayed at our house for mabey a month and a few weeks or just a feew weeks or for more then 1 month before he found somewhere else to stay and he moved out of the house good game 🙂 i only played mordern warfare 2 btw)and your trying to get a airstrike or something and pretend each time you hit the gong it goes up one kill and just realy try to get that airstrike or dogs or something and then like if you hit the gong 3 times recon i think its called 6 times airstrike i think 9 times dogs stuff like that it worked for me i currently have 72% till my water mask! also if it lags install google chrome or go on it if you already installed it then go on cp and press small screen then go up to the top of google chrome press tools and press zoom – 2 times so it says 69% so then your whole screen will actally be small its a bug cp havent noticed you know how they broke the walk on walls glitch i noticed they didnt only on full screen because you know on full screen how if you zoom it only zooms the top and not the game on small screen it acts like it use to and it zooms in the whole game dont share this bug cp might fix it if you do! so when it is on 69 persent and your screen is smaller then you want to go log onto cp if you didnt already and then click the – button on ur keybourd once logged on so the game has less better quailty and the game looks worse because that also speeds the game up now ur lag should be almost perfectly gone the only time it lags for me is when im playing card jitsu water and when the game first starts and you know how alot of the times alot of people do the first move at the same time then it lags for a secound or anytime when alot of people do their move at the same time but alot of times when its during the middle of the game when two people jump at the same time its alot of the times only 2 people so its less likely to lag but sometimes it does when that happens but the lags is less worse then if it lags at the beguning so its not realy much of a big deal when that happens comment below if this helped or not stay spicy Kincaid7 out!

Now go eat yo chilli! WITH CRACKERS!!!                                        (if ur reading this chilli do you remember what this is a refrence to when we were on cp the last time we ment and we made that one video? wait can you post that video like you said you would?)