Chilli Pepper Penguins Featured in Club Penguin News!

Hey Guys!

Excellent work here on the blog! VERY EXCELLENT! I was looking around the site, seeing how everything is doing, and it has never been better!

I would like to congratulate all my workers here! (Bobcoffee7, Kincaid7, Reeze, Nms 30 and Double MVP!) Even if you guys aren’t writing as much as the other workers here, every little bit of writing you wrote counted. Even if it was posted maybe like 2-3 weeks ago! I would really like to applaud Double MVP, Kincaid7, and Reeze for their excellent blogging specifically this week because… GUESS WHAT!

The Chilli Pepper Penguins blog is featured under the tag called ‘Club Penguin News’ That is a very popular tag! All our posts that are posted are featured on the top for everyone to see, making our site more likley to be clicked on to get more views.

However, this doesn’t last forever. If we can keep posting, the longer we stay featured. For example, before I had any workers, this site was featured on the tag called ‘Club Penguin.’ EVERYONE uses that tag! The hits here have skyrocketed once that happened. I kept posting, and I lasted about a month featured on that tag!

If you don’t understand this tag commotion lol, just click here. You will see our site featured! Workers! If you want us to be featured as long as possible, whenever you post a new post, please enter in ‘Club Penguin News’ under the ‘Post Tags’ text box AND click ‘Add.’ Then Publish your post! That way we will have that tag connected to our site! You can also check off the phrases that are automatically placed under the ‘Categories’ text box which is under the ‘Post Tags’ text box! That will help you out too!

I am very happy guys!

Let’s try to get featured under the Club Penguin Cheats tag or Club Penguin tag too in the future!

Also notice how under this post, you will see the tag ‘Club Penguin News’ under ‘Tagged:’ at the bottom of this very post! There, you will see many phrases you can click on including ‘Club Penguin News.’ Workers: if you enter the tag ‘Club Penguin News’ before you publish any of the posts you write, you will see that too at the bottom of your posts!

Any ideas how we should celebrate this awesome news?