2010 Club Penguin Water Hunt and Free Bucket Hat Cheats

Hello Penguins!

Card Jitsu Water is coming soon at the Water Dojo! Heh, heh, way to stop the flames from Card Jitsu Fire! Sighs, Club Penguin is leaving the spicy approach. LOL.

Here are the 2010 Water Hunt Cheats:

1. Head to the Stadium and click the cup.

Stadium Cup

2. Head to the Coffee Shop and click the cup.

Coffee Shop Cup

3. Head to the Pet Shop and click the fish bowl.

Pet Shop Fish Bowl

4. Head to the Cove and click the water bottle under the Surf hut.

Water Bottle Surf Hut

5. Head to the Book Room and click the cup.

Book Room Cup

6. Head to the Dance Lounge and click the glass.

Dance Lounge Glass

7. Head to the Beach and click the Sand Bucket.

Beach Sand Bucket

8. Head to the Dojo Courtyard and click the Fish.

Dojo Courtyard Fish

Claim Your Prize!

claim your prize

Collect Your Water Tank Background!

Water Tank Background

The Water Tank Background:

The Water Tank Background

2010 Bucket Hat Cheats:

1. Head to the Snow Forts.

2. Collect Your Free Bucket Hat!

Bucket Hat at the Snow Forts

Bucket Hat

Enjoy the Water Dojo and Card Jitsu Water Preparation Mini Party while it lasts! There’s also a few puddles you can still jump in!