Little Update By Me! Cool News About A Video of Chilli in Disney World!

Hey Guys!

How’s everyone doing? How’s school? Lol something funny happened in school recently. I dissed my teacher lol. XD. Here’s how it went:

Chilli: “That’s it? You got to be kidding me only 10 sit ups?

Teacher: “You got a problem with that smart mouth? Wanna do more?

Chilli: “Yeah I do!”

Teacher: “Ok little wise guy give me 20 push ups!”

(Chilli does 25 perfect push ups)

Teacher: “Your asking for it you little smart guy! That’s it! Do 4 laps around the gym!

(Chilli does 5 laps around the gym)

Teacher: “You think your so tough little twerp? You think your so fast? Bet you can’t even beat a grown-up!”

(class starts cheering)

Chilli: “Psh! I can beat you teacher! Race me!”

Teacher: “I’ll be waiting for you at the finish line!”

(teacher and chilli race Chilli wins by a landslide! And the teacher gets so mad that he swings his arms around and his pants fall down!)

Lol!! No one messes with Chilli!

Anyways I’m planning to update the spicy squad can someone provide me a list of the names of penguins I still have to add?

Also. You heard it! Chilli might be making a professional video of himself and his penguin in Disney world! He might even have professional camera guys helping him out too! More news about that later on! If you have any questions or comments let me know! The plan is I’m planning to send it to Club Penguin and see what they say about it! Who knows! Maybe they might put it on the Club Penguin blog? This will be Chilli’s first time in Disney Land! How about you?

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