Happy 5th Anniversary Party Club Penguin! Happy Birthday! Get Your Party Hat One Day Only Oct 24th! Party Hat Location! 

Hello Penguins! What’s up! Lol I noticed my authors haven’t been writing much lately, but that’s ok. We are not that behind.

Just wanted to say that today is Club Penguin’s birthday! It is 5 years old! As usual, every year on Oct 24th, they have a mini party at the town!

Head to the Town and Coffee Shop to receive your party hat. Only 1 day only! This is the only day you can get this rare hat!

Head inside and click the HUGE cake. You will get a STAMP! Also, head to the present box. That is where the hats are. Please, PLEASE drink the Cream Soda they have on the table in the back of the room! It is delicious! YUM! Only can get this once a year. LOL

Head to the Book Room and Check out the Yearbook and Artwork!

Enjoy Everyone! Also, do you guys like my costume for the Halloween Party on the 29th? Yippee! Also check out the new header on the top of the page! 😉