Secret of the Bamboo Forest at Stage, Some News, CPP Halloween Party and Contest!

Hi Reeze, Bobcoffee, Nms 30, and Kincaid! What’s up? You guys are doing an excellent job on the blog! Great stuff your posting. Also, AWESOME idea Kincaid for a Halloween Contest and Party! Love the logos Reeze! And Yes, a Halloween Vid would be cool. We should set up a date for that. We should also set up a date for the Halloween Contest and Party!

Did you guys know that Club Penguin’s Halloween Igloo Contest is officially on the 15? Cool!

Just wanted to say that the Secret of the Bamboo Forest play has come back to the stage! There are awesome costumes and a mystery within! Try to cross the bridge!

Speaking of parties, since I have been so busy in my life and was not able to have that 2nd Year Serving you party on August 29, 2010 (the anniversary of the site turning 2 years old from its opening) I’d like to make it up to you guys, by giving out that 1 Month Membership! XD

Info about that coming soon! I will be making another Chilli video. You know one like this? Also more info about what the date should be for the CPP Halloween Contest and Party Coming Soon!