Hey Guys! Just wanted to say stuff!

Awesome job so far for posting! You are all great workers! Just a note to everyone:

Don’t forget to use tags! They are very important! They help this site get hits! Reeze has been using them which I applaud, so all I ask of him is if he specifically keeps doing what he’s doing but just adds these three tags next time called, “club penguin, club penguin news, club penguin cheats” on his future posts all the time. Those three tags should be used all the time! They are very common!

That instruction actually goes to everyone. Whenever anyone posts here, that includes Bobcoffee, Reeze, and Nms 30, please make sure you include those three tags with your posts! You can use any tags you want, but out of all the tags you used, you should have those three with them! (club penguin, club penguin news, club penguin cheats)

That’s all! Thanks so much.

If anyone is still confused to as how to add tags to your post or what tags are look here:

Under the publish button there should be a place for you to create tags. Just type some in and separate each individual phrase/tag with a comma. For example if I wanted to make tags, for a post about a CP newspaper, and wanted to say CP newspaper as a tag, and then Newspaper as another tag, and then Club Penguin Times as another tag, I would do this. I’m just separating them with commas, “CP newspaper, Newspaper, Club Penguin Times”

Here is where you should be able to create tags:

Before you publish, you type your tags in separated by commas, then hit the “Add” button next to the text box. Then push the publish button, so the post is publishing your tags with the posts, get it?

Also something else to say, this site, Chilli Pepper Penguins is running out of image space. That means when you post an image on a post, it has the url of “chillipepperpenguins.files.wordpress.com/blahblah.jpg” or whatever. If you don’t know what I mean, then just click on an image on any of your posts, and look at its URL you should see that “chillipepperpenguins.files.wordpress.com/…” is in it.

So I ask everyone when they write on this site, do you guys ever see this option?

If you are able to click “Emstacutie11cpcheats” or whatever upload your images to that. It’s a site that I made for my friend in the past, but she is no longer using it. So she has lots of image space she never used yet! πŸ˜€ Lucky for us. When you upload to her your image url should have this in it “emstacutie11cpcheats.files.wordpress.com/…”

LOL, if you guys have no idea what I am talking about or don’t have that Emstacutie11cpcheats option, forget what I am saying and keep uploading the way you guys always are.