Chilli Busy With School Authors/Mods Needed! Spicy Squad Updated Soon 

Hello Penguins! I know I haven’t posted since I came back from vacation. Many of you have been commenting wondering where I was and I’m very sorry for not speaking sooner. School has started and it is very different this year. I have to study very hard because my life will be changing soon. I’m a good student, so these four years matter most and will probably be no issue if I work hard. 😀 Sadly, I probably will not be posting too often. I need authors and moderators to help out more. Bobcoffee can’t do everything on his own. I understand he has school too, so he needs some help.

If you would like to be an author, editor, moderator or whatever on this site please comment on this post giving your e-mail. When a comment is approved under this post, I will take away your personal e-mail so it will not be seen. I need a lot of workers! At least 5 or more. Some people that I know of who really want to help like: Reeze, Nms 30, Samnan Man, Kincaid7 (I think), and Lightninglex (I think) Should join now! Comment! I’m also accepting other people too. In order to join, you need an e-mail and a wordpress account! Sign up for free on wordpress and use the option of, “Just a username please.” With that e-mail you used to make that wordpress account is the e-mail that I want! So please, use that e-mail in your comment.

Thanks! And also I will be updating the Spicy Squad soon!

If you get chosen to work on the site, and are able to write posts on the site, please use tags (phrases) on your posts and approve any comments that are commented on your posts! Make sure you edit what is needed and have good writing: grammar, spelling, etc.

If you want to join this site and are commenting to join, and you already have a Club Penguin blog, include that in the comment! I think that is good how you have experience blogging about club penguin! That helps!