On Vacation and Some Club Penguin News (Posting From iPhone)

Hello Penguins! Chilli here on vacation! I’m posting from my iPhone! Proof lol:

Just wanted to say hi to you guys and Bobcoffee! Bobcoffee will be meeting the penguins that signed up for the spicy squad this week. So if you signed up between august 21-28 bobcoffee will be meeting you on cp and adding you to the squad. Lol bobcoffee when you take a picture of a spicy squad penguin to put on the side of the page make sure there is a white background. Try going to the iceberg. And use your sites files to upload it because I’m like out of space 😦 (So it’s like bobcoffee7.files.wordpress.com/image.png)

Well anyway! Here’s some cp news! The art for Haiti contest submissions page is open! Go submit your pictures and maybe your pic will be painted on a mural in a school in Haiti!

Also have you guys customized your furniture? In the new furniture catalog you can do that!

I have a picture of my own to send in to the contest but I probably won’t be able to send it in until after vacation or maybe I will just draw a new one during vacation, find a computer, and send one in lol. Not so sure if I will have computer/Internet access here though. 😦

Lol! Well anyway enjoy club penguin! I’ll get back to you guys soon!

Oh yeah also Chilli (me) is staring at a “Little Debbie Inc.” Cosmic Brownie right now. Should he eat it? Lol.