Funiture Catalog August/September 2010 Quick Cheats

Yo Penguins! I’m not in the mood to take like 10 pictures so I am going to just type it all! 🙂

1. Go to page 2, click the top of the modern art for the rock wall!

2. Go to page 3, click the bottom part of the wall speaker for the music note.

3. Stay on page 3, click the upper part of the DJ system for the Drum Kit!

4. Go to page 4, click the disco ball for the Guitar Stand!

5. Stay on the 4th page and click the work disco in disco ball for the lanterns!

6. Stay on page 4, click the eighth note for the music stand!

7. Go to the 5th page, click the cash register for the palm tree!

8. Stay on page 5, click the top of the clothes rack for the HD TV.

9. Go to the 6th page and click the stone wall ruins for the Mermaid Vanity.

10. Stay on page 6, click the window of the pirate ship for the torch.

Well that’s all for now!!