Club Penguin Times Issue 252

Hello Penguins! Wow! A lot of things going on! Yesterday Club Penguin released its new newspaper like it does every Thursday! Let’s check it out! There’s a lot of things going on like the Mountain Expedition!

Check out interesting ways to customize your igloo, learn about the history of puffles, do a connect the dot puzzle, read about the Mountain Expedition and get motivated to complete it, and most importantly read the Ask Aunt Arctic Avast A. Question! It talks about what Rockhopper does when he’s not visiting the island. Like sailing around and finding treasure.

Let’s check out the Upcoming Events:

August 20-New Better Igloos Catalog
August 20-New Igloo Upgrades Catalog
August 20-New Igloo Music
August 20-New Penguin Mail
August 27-Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal come back to the stage!
August 27-New Pin!

Haha! August 27 is a cool day for me. Hey that reminds me, Bobcoffee7, you will have to run the blog for a week! I’m going on vacation through August 21-28!

Enjoy the news!