Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Hidden Secret Ice Room Exclusive Give a Tour Info Revealed! Meaning of the Secret Room!

Hello Penguins!

I have been spending a lot of time on Club Penguin. I like to hang out at the Secret Ice Room in the Mountain Expedition! It’s so much fun! There’s a whole mystery behind it! I was right lol! My Mountain Expedition Theory was 100% Accurate! Read it! It’s scary!

Well! I noticed something exclusive! The Secret Ice Room has Revealed some spicy info!

Give A Tour and check out what it says!

Exclusive Info:

“Here’s a Cave!”

“Hmm… something seems to live here…”

“… and who knows when it’ll be back”

“At least it has slippers to keep warm!”

“And what are those strange things in the ice?”

Slippers +Living Here + Cave = HERBERT! Yes! This tells us that Herbert’s secret lair has been hidden in this mountain all the time! Those slippers look too big for penguins’ flippers! Also, didn’t Herbert come here with a boat the first time he ever arrived on CP? That could be the boat! Also, Herbert only likes pizza! He hate fish! Is that why “those strange things” are frozen?