Mountain Expedition!

Hello Penguins!

Today is August 12! Can you believe it! Club Penguin has released the Mountain Expedition a day early instead of the 13th! Let’s get to it! Head out to the Ski Village. Haha, Bobcoffee7, I edited you in the picture just for fun. Pretty real right? LOL.

Enter the Supply Camp and Receive Your Free Chilly Trek Hat. I’d like to call it the Chilli Trek Hat. Yeah let’s call it that. Silly “Y” so close to Club Penguin using the actual word Chilli! So close but so far.

Chilly Trek Hat:

Head out to the Supply Counter and purchase some expedition supplies!

Now let’s start and head into the cavern!

Once you head into the cavern entrance, you will approach a wall of icicles! You have to click these a certain way for all of them to go down to let you pass by.


Here’s the icicles in order you should click:

1. Bottom 4

2. Top 2

3. Bottom 1

4. Top 1

5. Top 2

6. Bottom 1

7. Top 3

8. Bottom 2

9. Top 4

10. Top 2

11. Bottom 1

12. Bottom 3

Now the wall of icicles should open and you will approach the next level of the Mountain! Pass through its exit and reach the second to last level! We are almost there! Let’s call it “Second Exit.”

You have completed the Expedition!

Collect your prizes! The flag! And Click the Camera to get a free Background!

THANKS BOBCOFFEE! AWESOME POST! Can I add some more stuff and some tags? Heehee.

Yo Penguins! The mountain expedition is here!

Once you enter grab the free hat (by the supplies table.) And get some supplies!

Now keep clicking the icicles until they are all out of the way! Just keep clicking!

Now click the leaf brush off the snow form the axe. Then make the axe hit the tree. Knock it down. Throws snowballs at the icicles. Walk on the bridge that you made!

Your at the top get the flag, take the pic for the background!

Sorry the 2nd to lats pic is messy! I was in a rush! Lol. Since I was in a rush please inform me of any grammar or spelling error’s in this post! Thanks! Oh I made the pictures too small again.. Click to enlarge 😉 ❗


~Captain Chilli Pepper~