Chilli’s Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Theory!

Due to a discovery of a mountain found by two jet-pack flying penguins, this has motivated the island to have an expedition! Penguins will climb and hike through the ice and cold and will find danger once they reach the top. They will have to camp out on a section of the mountain and work together until the problem is solved. At that moment that’s when penguins will finally uncover a cavern that provides an amazing rescue opportunity of something or someone important. However whatever that something or someone may be, it will only be found once penguins find the purpose of this mystery mountain!

Notice the highlighted words from the passage I made up myself! I used the words from this! Remember? The WordSearch! I think this theory is very accurate since its based on Club Penguins words that might have to do with the expedition!

However since this is going to take place at the Ski Village there would have to be a decoration of a purple mountain that we have been seeing lately at the expedition!