Club Penguin 2010 August Penguin Style Catalog Cheats!

Hello Penguins!

A new catalog has came out for August, exclusively for the Mountain Expedition! Let’s get to it.

1. Click on the tip of the mountain to get the Hiking Boots.

2. Click on the tip of the tree to get the Blue Rubber Duck! Sweet! There are now 3 rubber duckies on CP! I have all of them! A Green one, the rarest one given out for free from the first water party, the second rarest given out for free from the second water party, and now this one! It’s probably for people who don’t have duckies and want to get the rubber duck stamp.

3. Click on the tip of the tree to get the AWESOME 3D Glasses!

4. Click on the speaker notches to get the Rocker Wig (Elvis Wig) and Rocker Outfit (Elvis Outfit)

5. Click on the tiny speaker circle button thing to get the blue sunglasses!

6. Click on the speaker to get the Purple Electric Bass Guitar!

7. Click on the Piano support bar to get the Red Sunglasses!

8. Click on the decoration mask’s blue eyes to get the Trombone!

9. Click on the bubble to get the Red Viking helmet! Exit this out 3 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet!

10. Click on the grapes to get the Duchess Outfit!

11. Click on the table’s leg to get the Dragon Costume!

12. Click on the curtains to get the Green Dress and Blonde Wig!

13. Click on the top stone to get the Green hooded cloak!

Check out the new backgrounds!

Get the latest job outfit! A Rescue Squad Penguin! Possibly for the Mountain Expedition?


~Captain Chilli Pepper~