Club Penguin Mountain Exploration Exclusive Hidden Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins!

Club Penguin has been really fun lately! There is stamp hype all over the island and people can’t wait to figure out this Mountain Exploration! Many of us have already realized there was a sneak peek of the Mountain Exploration Uniforms in this week’s Reviewed by You. but today something got my eye.

I was enjoying the newspaper (Newspaper 251 Info Here) as I did this week’s WordSearch! This may  be another new sneak peek of some Mountain Climber Equipment! Check it out:

There appears to be some nice Mountain Climbing Rope! Something tells me this is going to be epic! Remember how we had to make our challenging ways up to the Fire Ninja Volcano? Well, this might be the path to the location of Card Jitsu Water or Snow! I’m guessing water? Or maybe this has something to do with my Ultimate Field Op Idea?