New Club Penguin Reviewed By You! Make A Difference Stamp!

Hello Penguins! There is a new Reviewed by You!

Last week, Club Penguin asked us what new Stamps we would like to see added to Club Penguin. Chillycat12 said:
I think there should be a make a difference stamp! For this stamp you can either donate to the coins for change when it comes around or help work at the recycling center! I think this will help people notice how they can make such a difference just by working together! You can even make friends while your working together. But every times someone helps, it makes a difference!

August 4 Blog Image.jpeg
The Mountain Expedition starts August 13, and Club Penguin sees lots of you are getting ready for the climb!
This week, Club Penguin would like to know: What challenges you think you’ll face on your way to the top?
I think that this will have something to do with my Ultimate Field Op Idea!
Get commenting on the Club Penguin blog! Remember if I can win like I did here, you can too! The winner gets 10,000 coins!