Helping Out Chilli With Stamps for 1 Month Membership is Tomorrow!

My 1 Month Membership contest submissions end tomorrow! And tomorrow is the date when the people who signed up (here: help me get stamps! This is your last time to sign up! I need at least 30 penguins, but as of now we only have 10. I don’t think we will have enough penguins! So I might postpone this contest or just do the stamps that just require 10 penguins tomorrow and make future dates for the other stamps! So please sign up! Just comment your penguin name and e-mail and promise to go on cp at:

Date: August 3rd 2010
Place: dock and all over cp!
Server: fjord
Time: 1:00 pm penguin standard time, that equals: 9:00 pm British standard time, 6:00 Am (August 4th) Australia, 1:00 pm pacific standard time, 4:00 pm eastern standard time, 3:00 pm central standard time.

You can comment your penguin name and e-mail here on this post to sign up or on the post at the link I mentioned earlier. If you sign up but I don’t see you on cp tomorrow to help me get stamps, then you will not be apart of the contest! It’s really easy just sign up go on cp and you have a chance of winning! I pick the winner out of a hat full of names!